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About myself

My name is John Gamboa, I am a Brazilian, and, for academic and professional purposes, I am a Bachelor in Computer Science, currently in the middle of a Master in Computer Science. In this field, I am mostly interested in the area Artificial Intelligence, curious about what one can do when he has some Neural Networks at his disposal. (you can find my CV in the Professional tab.)

Besides, I am interested in a lot of stuff. I studied music for a while, play the flute (had been trying to learn the piano), write poems at random, and recently (2012) found out my main interest: Linguistics (along with some Psychology and Philosophy that come along).

I like [trying] to learn new languages, and have been failing interested in several languages through the last years: Spanish, German, French, LIBRAS, and even Latin and Hindi. While, so far, I only acquired some decent fluency in Spanish (my German is "ok-ish", and I am currently working on it, as well as on Hindi), having some knowledge about these languages' grammar is always useful, given my interest for Linguistics.

Through the years, I had been fighting against the mess that my mind is, always trying to start many things at once, and procrastinating a lot in the meanwhile, with the pressure I built for not managing them (in fact, I am writing this text while procrastinating). Somehow (I could say) I concluded, at some point, after losing this battle so many times, that the best solution, then, was to embrace the mess, instead of fighting against it.

About this webpage

This webpage somehow reflects the mess (mentioned above) of my mind. I started writing the blog in 2010. It started as just a place where I'd throw random things I had been thinking about, and so it should remain (in fact, I obviously don't agree anymore with many -- most? -- of the old stuff here, and they are left here "for historical purposes": it is interesting to sometimes look back at my old blog posts and see how I progressed through the years).

Still... the place has evolved into a storage of some of my "achievements" in the past years (yay... let's indulge in my cult of personality). Hopefully, you will enjoy your time here.